The Pelagonija planning region is located in the southwestern part of Macedonia, borders with Greece and Albania and internally with the Southwestern and Vardar region . The main administrative center of the region is the city of Bitola.

The Pelagonija planning region comprises the basins of the Pelagonija and Prespa valleys. The name of the area is according to the Pelagonija valley which occupies most of the territory of the entire planning region.

The five cities in the Pelagonija region (Bitola, Prilep, Krushevo, Resen and Demir Hisar [1]) cover an urban area of 80 km к or 1.7% of the total area of the region, where 67.6% of the total population is concentrated. The rest of the rural area covers an area of 98.7% (4,637 km) which consists of 338 rural settlements.

According to data from 2013, the total population in the region is 232,367 or 10.94% of the total population in the Republic of Macedonia (2,064,032 inhabitants), with a population density of 49.26 inhabitants per km2.

[1] Law on Territorial Organization of Local Self-Government in the Republic of Macedonia Journal 55/2004 of 17.08.2004