The main pillars of the economy of the Pelagonija planning region are the production and processing of agricultural products and the exploitation of mineral resources. The region is, among other things, the largest producer of apples, tobacco and milk.

The Economy Sector in the Pelagonija region has significant advantages which at the same time represent an opportunity for additional economic development. The region has a good geographical position, proximity to a European Union member state and two NATO member states. The region has relatively good road infrastructure and connectivity within the region. For the development of the economy, a great opportunity is the opening of the border crossing Markova Noga with the Republic of Greece and the construction of the expressway Prilep – Veles. Improving good neighborly relations with R. Greece and the reopening of the Veles-Bitola-Florina-Thessaloniki railway connection will have a huge impact on economic development and the flow of people, goods and capital.

On the territory of the region there are significant natural resources (mineral resources, mineral resources, water, arable land) that are underutilized.

The Pelagonija region has good climatic conditions for the development of agriculture, and especially for the cultivation of industrial crops. The region produces a small number of products with higher added value, there is a lack of processing facilities for agricultural products, and the actors in the value chain in agriculture are poorly connected. The growing demand for food globally, the steady rise in food prices, the growing interest in aromatic and medicinal herbs, and berries are an opportunity for more intensive agricultural development.

The ore deposits in Pelagonija and Mariovo that are used today in the three blocks of TPP Bitola, the marble from Prilep, mineral springs near the village Medzitlija, Bitola are a significant opportunity for more dynamic development of the mining and quarrying sector.

Providing energy from stable, reliable, clean and renewable sources is a huge potential due to the favorable climatic conditions in the region for the production of energy from water, solar, wind and biomass.

In the Pelagonija planning region there are a large number of active business entities which is an opportunity for development of the region as well as an opportunity to reduce unemployment because existing companies can create an even greater number of jobs. There are institutions / organizations in the region to support the business sector but they do not have the capacity to support the business sector. Active support is needed to improve the competitiveness of existing enterprises by establishing an institutional framework for business support, supporting the introduction of new technologies, establishing quality business advisory and expert assistance, and supporting the formation of clusters. It is also necessary to support innovation and create a set of measures to stimulate cooperation between the economy and higher education institutions because the economic crisis has led to an even more drastic decline in opportunities for the application of science in economic development and the creation of a knowledge-based economy. Lack of investment capital and cash to finance development projects of the business community is a weakness and to overcome it it is necessary to implement measures to facilitate access to available funds and promote various forms of joint venture in order to increase and the social responsibility of the business sector.

The existence of local industrial zones with established urban planning documentation is an important prerequisite and a strong side for increasing investments. On the other hand, the existing industrial zones do not have the complete infrastructure. It is necessary to undertake activities for construction of infrastructure in industrial zones, creation of measures and benefits for investment, their promotion to potential investors, in order to increase investment in all sectors, especially in the processing industry. A huge opportunity for economic development is the inclusion of the large diaspora in encouraging economic development and establishing cooperation with economic promoters. A significant opportunity and comparative advantage of the industrial zones in the region is the reopening of the railway connection Veles – Bitola – Florina – Thessaloniki, which will connect these industrial zones with the port of Thessaloniki.

Promotion of active employment measures, retraining of staff, promotion of programs to encourage entrepreneurship, self-employment and crafts are opportunities that should be used. Established higher education institutions and research centers within the region can help eliminate this limiting factor. A potential threat is migration, especially the outflow of highly educated labor and reduced access to finance for the private sector.

Within the region there are significant differences in the level of economic development achieved. The municipalities of Dolneni, Demir Hisar, Krivogashtani, Krushevo, Mogila, Novaci and Resen can not generate a level of development like the urban centers Bitola and Prilep. The problem with disparities in development is especially pronounced in rural municipalities where there is a low quality of life and insufficient entrepreneurial capacity of residents. A serious threat is the tendency for these citizens to move to other places in the country and abroad, due to which it is necessary to take measures to reduce migration processes. Activities are needed to stimulate the opening of new businesses in these municipalities, improve the capacity of human resources and their harmonization with the needs of the labor market.

Business sector

According to the data of the State Statistical Office, the number of active business entities in 2013 in the Pelagonija planning region is 8,268 and represents 11.6% of the total number of active business entities in the Republic of Macedonia which is 71,290. The Pelagonija planning region is the third in the country according to the number of active business entities per 1000 inhabitants (35.58), after the Skopje and Vardar planning region.

Most of the active business entities in the Pelagonija planning region work in the trade sector (3,153), followed by the processing industry (841) and transport (809).

Below is the list of data for the larger companies in the Pelagonija region.

Prilepska bb
Contact: Natasha Aleksova tel. 047 261 115

2.Factory for sugar “November 4”
Ul.Industriska bb
Contact: Zoran Ristevski tel. 047 207 146

3.ZK Pelagonija
Boris Kidrich Street no.3
Contact: tel. 047 233 971 Fax 047 223 297

Ul.Industriska bb
Contact: Ivancho Naumov tel. 047 208 380, Fax 047 239 433

5. IMB Dairy
Str. Dolnoorizarski pat bb
Contact: tel. 047 226 380, Fax 047 237 073

6. Ideal Shipka
Ul.Industriska bb
Contact: Dimitar Pavlevski tel. 047 208 900, Fax 047 235 870

7. Meteorite
Novacki Pat bb
Contact: Tome Trombev tel. 047 241 025, Fax 047 241 024

8. Kiro Dandarot
Str. Gradski stadion bb
Contact: tel. 047 237 448, Fax 047 223 792

9. Mlin Stojchev
Str. EdvardKardelj no.10
Contact: tel. 047 232 353
Е-mail: mlinstojcev@netscо

ul. Josif Josifovski bb
Contact: tel. 047 225 051,Fax 047 240 378

Str. Industrial bb
Contact: tel. 047 203 315, Fax 047 234 435

Str. Prilepska bb
Contact: tel. 047 280 160 Fax 047 202 281

13. Knitwear Pelister
Devejani Street no. 13
Contact: tel. 047 232 751,Fax 047 232 983

Str. Boris Kidrich no.26
Contact: Jovica Momircevski, Sanja Gjorgievska tel. 047 203 180, Fax 047 203 164

15.Café Mexico
Contact: Cvetko Karevski tel. 047 286 226

16.BK Market
Kliment Ohridski bb Pelagonka 2 / II / 1
Contact: Vlado Jovanovski tel. 047 234 144

17. Cermat, Novosadska Street no. 10
Contact 047 226 671, Fax 047 237 671

18. Pella Rosa
Contact 047 280 121

1. AD “Vitaminka”
Str. Lece Koteski no.23
Contact: 048 407-401, Fax 048 407-451

2. AD Prilep Brewery
Cane Kuzmanoski Street no. 1
Contact: tel. 048 421-450, Fax 048 421-451

3. AD “Tobacco Factory”
101 Marksova Street
Contact: tel. 048 421-020, Fax 048 425-172

4. AD “October 11 Printing House”
Lado Lapecot Street No. 100
Contact: tel. 048 419-701, Fax 048 419-670

5. AD “Marble Factory”
ul. „Krushevski pat“ bb
Contact: tel. 048 426-468, Fax 048 418-998

6. “DE-NI” Furniture
160 Aleksandar Makedonski Street

7. “Zito-Prilep”
Lenin Street bb

ul. „Krushevski pat“ bb
Contact: tel. 048 400-100, Fax 048 411-886

9. Confection “Vasidora”
ul. „Krushevski pat“ bb
Contact: tel. 048 418-757

10. Confection “Triteks”
Dimo Narednikot bb
Contact: tel 048 413-929

11. “Bimfood” Mushroom Factory
ul. „Aleksandar Makedonski“ bb

12. AD “Eurokompozit”
ul. „Aleksandar Makedonski“ bb
Contact: tel. 048 422-330 Fax: 048 421-292

13. AD “Prolux-Leov”
ul. „Krushevski pat“ bb

14.TD “Futura”
Trajko Nikoloski bb

15.TD “Donia”
Trajko Nikoloski bb
Contact: tel. 048 435-095, fax 048 428-148

16. “Comfy Angel” confection
ul. „Aleksandar Makedonski“ bb
Contact: tel. 048 432 553, fax 048 401-553

17. Confection “Towers”
158 Aleksandar Makedonski Street
Contact: tel. 048 412-622, fax 048 413-541

18. Hatra Confection
11 Oktomvri Street bb

Orde Chopela bb

20. Safety glass
“Mosha Pijade” bb

Osogovska Street 14

22. “Euroterm”
63 Sotka Gjorgjioski Street
Contact: tel. 048 419-415, fax 048 422-981

23. Guinness
Borka Taleski Street 212

24. Printing house “Tirex”
26 Cane Ilioski Street

25. Acetone Printing House
Crna Reka Street 3

26.Krin KG
fax. 239

27.Krin Production
faх. 112
Contact: tel. 048 413-705, fax 048 413-703

28. DOOEL “Maci Shus”
ul. “Orde Todoroski – коemko” -no.26

29. “Terracotta Engineering”
St. Naum Ohridski Street no.3

30.Ad “Karpa”
40 Ilka Prisagjanka Street

31. “Golden Hand”
Dimche Jovanoski-Dabovski Street 7

32. DOOEL “Novogradba”
Gjorce Petrov Street bb

33.Miki Dairy
138 Lado Lapeski Street

34. Hotel “Crystal Palace”
ул.„Ленин“ бр.184
Contact: tel. 048 418-050, fax 048 400-050

35. Hotel “Salida”
Ivo Lola Ribar bb
Contact: tel. 048 400-333, fax 048 400-444

36. Hotel “Sonce”
ul. Aleksandar Makedonski bb

1. Dooel ,, Gold Tex ,, Krushevo
Str. Koca Milenku bb Krushevo
Contact: Toma Tirchoski, tel. 048 476 770

2. ,, Europrofil ,,
Contact: Rade Pajeski, tel. 048 457 206

3. Inen Dekor Krushevo
Contact: Goce Risteski, tel. 048 457 090

4. ,, Borche ,, Krushevo
Contact: Borce Damjanoski, tel. 048 457 201

5. “Ornament” ,, Krushevo
Str. Niko Doaga bb
Contact: Zoran Risteski tel. 048 477 137

6. Hotel “Montana”, Krushevo
Hotel Zone bb
Contact: Pece Panoski, tel. 048 477 121

7. Hotel “Panorama”
Hotel Zone bb
Contact: Miki Gabeloski, tel. 048 477 026

1. Zeleznik AD – Demir Hisar
Contact: tel 047 272-418,
fax.: 047 272-523

2. DOOEL “Xenos” – Demir Hisar
Contact: Vasko Damevski, tel. 047 276-608

3. DOOEL “Wigan” – Demir Hisar
Contact: Ljupcho Angelevski tel. 075 339-449

4. DOOEL “Chape Fungi” – Demir Hisar
Contact: Liljana Stefanovska, tel. 047 275-412

5. DOOEL “Ambient” – Demir Hisar
Contact: Rade Naumovski, 047 276-725

6. LLC “Zito Brest”
Contact: Trajan Cvetanovski, 047 273-700

7. DOOEL “Evtinija” Demir Hisar
Str. Bitola bb
Contact: Peco Gruevski, tel. 047 276 064,
fax.: 047 275 064

1. DOO Swisslion – Agroplod
Str. “November 29”
Contact: tel. 047 451-179,
fax 047 455-792

2. LLC Swisslion – Agrarian
Str. “November 29”
Contact: tel. 047 451-912,
fax 047 452-191

3. CD Fruit
Contact: tel 047 489-062

4. DOOEL Res Kom
Contact: 047 452-489

5. LLC Hatex
Str. “November 29”
Contact: 047 452-460

6. DOO Stenjeteks s. Stenje
Contact: tel. 047 489-360

7. DOOEL Foundry for aluminum and zinc
Contact: 047 452-255

8.А.Д. Greenhouses Hamzali

9. Hotel Riva – v. Stenje
Contact: 047 484-165

10. Motel Dior – Resen
Contact: tel. 047 454-550

11. Hotel Holiday – Resen
Contact: tel. 047 452-904

12. Hotel Oteshevo
Contact: tel. 047 484-800

1. Nursery ,, Hristovski
Contact: Hristovski Hristo tel. 047 296-444

2. Bakery ,, Pivko ,,
Contact: Pivkovski Stevo tel. 047 296-224

3.An trance
Contact: Toni Angelevski

4.Farm- Rizanovski
Contact: Suzana Rizanovska

1. ELEM Macedonia – subsidiary of REK Bitola
Str. Novacki pat bb
Contact: tel. 047 206-280

2. ZK “Pelagonija” AD Bitola

1. Novakovski company DOOEL sawmill

2. Zulam company DOOEL sawmill

SME support organizations

Organization List of organizations offering support for SME development in the Pelagonija region: SME support campaigns

  1. Business Center for SME Support within the Center for Development of the Pelagonija Region

Str. Tomaki Dimitrovski, no.7

7000 Bitola,

Tel: 047 232 800



  1. Regional Chamber of Commerce – Bitola

Str. May 1st, bb

7000 Bitola,

Tel: 047 225 088



  1. Regional Chamber of Commerce – Prilep

Str. Bul. Goce Delchev, no. 47а

7500 Prilep,

Tel: 048 415 536



  1. Regional Chamber of Craftsmen – Bitola

Str. Mingovi Brothers, no.18

7000, Bitola

Tel. 047 203 900



  1. Regional Chamber of Craftsmen – Prilep

7500, Prilep

Tel. 075 259 588



Str. Ivo Lola Ribar, 5

7500 Prilep

Tel. 048 431 580



  1. Foundation for development of small and medium enterprises

Str. Boulevard 1vi Maj bb,

7000 Bitola

Tel. 047 241 641


  1. Agency for Promotion of Agricultural Development

Str. Kliment Ohridski bb, Pelagonka II – 5/3

7000 Bitola

tel. 072/252-431



  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy – Bitola Regional Unit

Str. Bul 1-vi Maj bb


tel: 047/237-419

  1. Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia – Bitola

Str. Gjorce Petrov bb

7000 Bitola

tel: 047/237-154