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Increasing Tourism Opportunities through Utilization of Resources- I-TOUR


May 25, 2021


On 29 March, 2019 the Center for Development of the Pelagonia Planning Region organized a promotional conference for the project: Increasing Tourism Opportunities through Utilization of Resources I-TOUR funded under the Cross-border Program with the Republic of Greece 2014-2020.
Lead partner of the project is the Center for development of the Pelagonija planning region, while remaining partners in the implementation are: National Park Pelister, Faculty of Tourism and hospitality- Ohrid ,National Park Prespa (GR) and Faculty of Business Administration – Thessaloniki (GR).
The main goal of the project is to improve the attractiveness and promotion of the cross-border region of Pelagonia / Florina / Thessaloniki and increase employment in tourism.
This project addresses common challenges in the area of tourism in the cross-border region, such as; lack of a common cross-border tourism product, low level of sustainable use of natural resources-and low percentage of people in the rural areas of the cross-border region who work and earn from tourism.
For the first time, this project will work through a multifunctional approach to improve the tourism sector in the cross-border region of Pelagonia / Florina / Thessaloniki, including: capacity building, networking, development of a joint sustainable tourism cross border product, sustainable management of cultural and natural wealth as well as marketing and promotion of the tourism potentials of the cross-border region.
The event was attended by relevant stakeholders in the field of tourism from the public, private, non-governmental and academic sectors. The conference was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government – Dejan Pavleski, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Bitola and also President of the Council for Development of the Pelagonija Region – Natasha Petrovska, as well as the Head of the Center for Development of the Pelagonija Plan region -Gogo Vidimche.


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