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February 25, 2021


The Center for Development of the Pelagonija Planning Region during the month of February 2019 held 3 regional forums. The purpose of the forums was to identify project ideas for the Grant Scheme funded under the project “Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development”. This project is financially supported by the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

According to the guidelines of the grant scheme, areas of intervention within which the participants of the forums could propose project ideas were: tourism, environment, business infrastructure and social inclusion. Namely, the participants in these regional forums were representatives from the public, non-governmental and business sector who, through a participatory and transparent work process, proposed and selected 3 regional proposed ideas. The selected ideas were developed into project concepts and sent for evaluation to the donor. The evaluation phase is currently underway, in which a regional project in the amount of about 80,000 euros will be selected. The project should meet the criteria and requirements of the donor and meet the needs of the region.

The realization of the project will contribute to sustainable, balanced and inclusive regional development of the region, which will actually be the end result of a series of regional forums.


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