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The new modern market in Demir Hisar was put into operation


May 2, 2018


With the realization of the project, the market was modernized, which creates infrastructural preconditions for increasing the economic activity and increasing this part of the region.
Putting into operation a secured and precisely intended space for buying and selling will create conditions for more efficient and better trade in regional agricultural products that will lead to increased incomes of agricultural producers and additional incentives for greater workload and new investments.
This project is of great economic importance especially for the settlements from different municipalities that gravitate around Demir Hisar because the sale of products in this market is their only source of income.
Trade in regional agricultural products is a significant potential for increasing the regional competitiveness of the Pelagonija region.
The project leveled and compacted the space;
Retaining walls have been installed;
Procurement and installation of roof sandwich sheet with a thickness of 12 cm, filled with liquid polypropylene on an area of 457m ²;
48 stalls made of metal profiles have been made and installed
A new fence in the length of 205 m was made and installed;
The market was covered by installing roofing plasticized ribbed sheet metal on an area of 212.5 m ²;
The market was paved by installing bekaton tiles on an area of 550m50;
New electrical installation and complete lighting on the market was performed, as well as atmospheric sewerage.
The total value of the project is 6,099,565.00 MKD.


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